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Run on Flat Technology

The Run Flat Tyre is a revolutionary new concept in the tyre industry. The main advantage of which is to be able to continue to work at pressures which would render an ordinary tyre unusable. The tyre utilises self supporting technology which means it is able to support the weight of the vehicle it has been specified for. This tyre is still able to function even when there is zero pressure in the tyre. It is essential when using a Run Flat tyre that it is operated in conjunction with a tyre pressure monitoring system. This will inform the driver if they have experienced any loss of pressure within the tyre itself. It also renders obsolete the need for a spare wheel. From the point of safety the Run Flat tyre is a major step forward and it is estimated that within 3 years 10% of the high performance sector of the tyre market with be utilizing Run Flat technology. It is precisely this reason that means most of the major tyre manufacturers are now investing in Run Flat technology for the future.

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